Some of Our Projects

Currency Index
Currency Convertor Mobile Currency Convertor
Currency Index is a simple, quick and efficient at-a-glace exchange data and currency rates and exchange tool.

There is also currency and market information and data, including interactive graphed historic exchange rate date.

Currency-Index is also available as a compact mobile app as an up-to-the-minute exchange rate tool.

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Here's A Link
Fun Currently Trending Links Mobile Fun Currently Trending Links
Here's A Link is an aggregator of fun popular currently trending links from across a range of social media, photography, fun, community and news websites.

Also available as a mobile version for some fun, interesting and amusing links while on the move.

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404 Checker
404 Checker 404 Checker is full of useful and free webmaster tools. Providing information about HTTP status codes, HTTP headers, link checkers, webpage analysis, domain and whois access tools. 404 Checker is a new site as of the summer of 2007.

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Wherever Now?
Events Search Mobile Events Search
Wherever Now? is a huge database of events, parties, concerts, plays, operas, ballets and nights out. Available in eight countries, users can search and find things to do in their home towns and cities.

Wherever Now? while using plain and simple styling uses clever backend technology to operate in an efficient way.

Utilising IP to location databases to locate the users country and closet cities, it also uses a large UZ Zip Code database to enable radius zip code searching so that users can search for event within x miles of their ZIP code in a fast, efficient way.

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Which End Bites?
Photos with Questions Which End Bites? is a community of users who help each other find answers they have about objects, people or places.

It's a fun place to find answers, chat and comment about your photos, pictures and paintings.

Which End Bites? implements an asynchronous flash uploading system, that uses the GD library for on-the-fly image manipulation and resizing.

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Top Tips Forum
Events Search Top Tips Forum is a community of users swapping and exchanging everyday tips and advice for everyday situations. Many topics are covered including green and environmental issues, computing, home care and money and finance. Top Tips is a growing community.

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Stem Appointments
Stem Appointments Stem Appointments is a south west recruitment consultancy with highly experienced recruitment consultants offering appointments in a diverse range of industry sectors across Devon and Cornwall.

A basic informational website was commissioned for this successful startup with the aim providing information for potential clients and candidates and an entry level of promotion.

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Anson Williams
Anson Williams Anson Williams is a specialist recruitment company who work nationally introducing industry leading clients to the best candidates.

A basic, but stylish informational website was commissioned; and has been built, setup, hosted and designed with future additions and scalability in mind.

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Paxcroft Farm
Paxcroft Farm Paxcroft Farm is a west country Egg farm that also has a diverse range of additional revenues such as industrial units, storage, workshops and office space.

A simple website was commissioned with the primary aim of clearly promoting all aspects of the business to clients and potential customers.

In addition a simple on-site directory and "available unit" administration feature were built into the website allowing the client to easily administer and manage content.

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Look Up And Wonder
Astronomy Blog Look up and Wonder is a personal astronomy blog, that is custom written and styled to retain some individuality making it stand out from the standard blog software.

Comprehansive admin system, paging, latest & current posts, and currently relevant links included by means of RSS feed from Here's A Link.

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Look Down And ponder
Paragliding Blog Look Down And ponder is a personal paragliding blog, that uses our custom written and styled blog software.

Comprehansive admin system, paging, latest & current posts, and currently relevant links included by means of RSS feed from Here's A Link.

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SMS Dictionary
Events Search SMS Dictionary is a large and fun resource of SMS, cell phone and text language; translating acronyms and abbreviations for general interest and entertainment.

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What Is A Browser?
What is a Browser? What is a browser is a simple information website that aims to solve a range of common and simple misconceptions about what is, and what is not a web browser.

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What Is SEO?
What is SEO? What is Search Engine Optimization? is an informational resource to help users gain a good understanding of SEO, it's purpose, goals and methodologies.

When developing websites, SEO plays a major part, and should be incorporated into your site from the outset. This website continues to help us explain to clients and customers what the requirements are, why they exist and how we go about implementing them.

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What Is The Time?
What Is The Time? What is the Time? is an experiment in using HTML5 Canvas (drawing surface), with a subtle (and vague) attitude to telling the time...

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Web directory ThisIsOurYear is an established and successful web directory, running since the spring of 2000 ThisIsOurYear has been successfully helping people to promote their businesses for 17 years.

ThisIsOurYear is a large database of hand submitted and reviewed websites. ThisIsOurYear uses clever use of frontend Javascript to streamline signups for efficiency.

ThisIsOurYear has been hugely successful and remains popular despite the decline in popularity of directories.

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Sackville Friends
Sackville friends Sackville Friends is an alumni website for Sackville School in East Grinstead, UK

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